Donor Support

Donating to The Prayer People is EASY!

…but sometimes you need to update your credit card, or view your giving history.

How do I update my credit card for my recurring donations?

You have two ways to update your credit card information:

  1. Simply call Aplos at (888) 274-1316 and select option 2 for Support. Let them know you are a donor for The Prayer People and would like to update your credit card.
  2. Create an account (information provided in your confirmation email from Aplos) and manage your donations instantly.

How do I create a donor account?

Once you donate from our online form, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a place to create an account and manage your donations.

Aplos Email

Next you’ll type in your name and email to create an account. Use the same email address you used for your original donation. This will ensure it tracks all your transactions!

Create a password

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your donation history and be able to manage your recurring donations!

Aplos account