What are Discipleship Groups?

Discipleship Groups meet around the world to share the Gospel while building relationships and Christian disciples! They meet at least once per week for Bible study, and they also meet at least once per month for evangelism & outreach.

When we establish Discipleship Groups, we are basically planting churches! Since the group leaders participate in outreach regularly, it’s common for the groups to quickly grow in size and ultimately become the size of a church!

Here is a testimony from one of our current Discipleship Group leaders:

Walter Ombok

“For a long time God has been talking to me about prayer and telling me that I should intercede for others. So I wanted to learn more about how to pray effectively. I therefore decided to do a research on prayer. One day while searching some topics about prayer on the Internet I came across The Prayer People organization and immediately God told me to make a contact. After that I got a response from my brother in Christ David Haddock who took me through the process of forming a prayer group in Kenya. We have since grown and expanded in Kenya with formation of four active prayer groups. Our mission being to make disciples of Christ.”