What is the Prayer Grid?

The Prayer Grid is a prayer network where users can create an account and begin requesting prayers online, as well as pray for others.

We started this prayer network in 2013, and recently updated the technology to offer more features. One of these features include the ability for churches to have their own landing page. This enables the congregation to have a private prayer feed where they can only see prayer requests from other members within the congregation.

When a user clicks “PRAY” on a specific prayer request, it signifies that they “PRAYED” for that request, and the recipient is notified that the user prayed for them. This technology will truly support better relationships within the walls of the church, and unite the congregation through prayer.

People come across difficulties every single day, and this is the channel specifically for people to see the need and pray for that need! We also enable messaging features for members within the congregation to communicate with each other instantly!